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Private Lessons to Improve Your Skills.

Developing your marksmanship and understanding your firearms requires personalized training. All of our group classes are available as private small group or one-on-one  courses.  In addition we schedule two hour advanced training classes throughout the week to meet your individual needs. To schedule and appointment just call us. 

Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

HF LearnSafety offers one-on-one and small group instruction to help you improve your current skills and develop new ones. Instruction is provided by appointment only and is custom tailored to your ability and learning objectives.  Use your own personal firearm(s) or ours.

Defensive Encounter Training

For one up to three persons, this personal training course immerses students into the "Defensive Encounter Pistol and Shotgun Mindset" and is designed specifically for those carrying a pistol outside the home or maintaining a pistol and/or shotgun in the home.

Students are taught the fundamentals of incorporating speed, tactics, and accuracy into their shooting. 

Private Pistol Training by HF LearnSafety, New Milford, CT
Personal Coaching

Instruction is personalized to your interest, proficiency and needs. 

Handgun, rifle or shotgun lessons are taught on any weekday using our classroom and outdoor range.  Indoor range instruction is also available.

A wide range of training is available ranging from beginners just entering the shooting sports to active and retired law enforcement officers who require increased developmental skill-building. Want to learn clay-shotgun shooting....Just call for an appointment.

Topics include:

  • Live-Fire Defensive Shooting Skills

  • Trigger Control 

  • Aiming and Sight Alignment

  • Stances and Positions 

  • Cover and Concealment

  • Holster Draw and Fire 

  • Clearing Malfunctions 

  • Moving and Shooting 

  • Dominant and Weak Hand Shooting 

  • Cleaning Your Firearm

  • Firearms Selection

  • Youth Marksmanship and Safety

  • Laser Technology

  • Tactical Shotgun

  • Clay shotgun shooting

  • Security/Police Officer Pre-qualification and Remedial Courses of Fire

Two Hour Private Instruction & Coaching
$170 for one person. $240 for two persons.
Includes targets and use of our firearms if needed.

Indoor Range fees,  and ammunition additional.

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