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IF YOU HAVE EXPENSIVE, HOME OR SPORTING FIREARMS YOU WANT CLEANED AND TESTED PROFESSIONALLY CALL US AT 203-947-4327. Antique, military, defensive and collectable firearms must be kept in quality condition to maintain their value and safety.

Firearm Cleaning Clinics
  • Need to clean your firearm(s) properly but don’t know how? 

  • Have dirty guns but need some motivation to clean them?

  • Want to just learn more about firearm cleaning and disassembly?

"As a firearms instructor, I cannot stress the importance of keeping your gun clean enough. I know that it's a little intimidating to clean your gun for the first few times so this Gun Cleaning Clinic is ideal for learning about and actually cleaning your handgun or rifle."  

- Herb Furhman

​This class will take the mystery out of gun cleaning and you'll learn how your handgun works from the inside out. 

This group class is designed to help you learn and understand the best possible way to clean your firearm. 

Through regular gun cleaning, lubricating and rust prevention, you will get many years of top performance and enjoyment from your handgun.

You will want to attend this class on gun cleaning if you have never cleaned a gun before or if you have trouble disassembling or reassembling your firearm when you clean it.


Simple maintenance and cleaning can make sure your gun will last for generations, not years. Have you heard people say their shotgun belonged to their great grandfather? The gun lasted because it was taken care of. 

Whether you have modern or old-style firearms, they won’t stay in good working condition unless they are properly maintained. While most shooters are careful to keep their guns dry and free of debris, it’s not   uncommon for pistols, shotguns or rifles to be fired without the benefit of regular cleaning and proper lubrication.

Safety and Reliability

You are betting your life that your gun will work when you pull the trigger. Having rust in the barrel or crud collecting in over-lubricated areas could be your last mistake.   Any firearm dirty, dry, (or both) can result in malfunctions and/or permanent damage. 

This goes for all hunting and recreational firearms as well. They should be cleaned immediately after use, stored clean, carried clean, and regularly checked for dirt build up and proper levels of lubrication. 

Firearm Cleaning Clinics
Firearm Cleaning Clinics
Firearm Cleaning Clinics
What you need to bring:
  • Up to two firearms of any type you want to clean and/or learn how to disassemble.  Both modern and antique firearms are welcomed. 

  • Owner’s manual(s) 

  • Basic cleaning tool set including solvent lubricant (gun oil), bore brushes, patches or a clean t-shirt to cut up, and cleaning rod(s) 

  • Safety glasses and protective gloves (your option) to reduce exposure to toxic materials

  • All guns must be unloaded prior to entering the clinic. They will be checked at the door.

Group Class
  • ​Date TBA

  • Cost: $30 per person.    

  • Pre-registration and advance payment is required.

  • Each clinic is 2 hours.

For a Private Class: Call for Appointment.

To Register for Classes:

HF LearnSafety Cancellation Policy: No refunds are available. If you are unable to attend a pre-registered class, you may reschedule by contacting us no later than three days prior to the class date. You may only reschedule once and must take the rescheduled class within a two-month period. Class registration is transferable to another person.  HF LearnSafety reserves the right to cancel and reschedule any class due to low enrollment.

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