For Retired and Active-Duty Law Enforcement Officers

LEOSA Qualification Standards Exam and Carry Card

Your Annual LEOSA Qualification Standards Exam and Carry Card begins with HF LearnSafety.

Retired police and other qualifying law enforcement officers may carry their approved firearms nationally under a federal law known as the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 and the LEOSA Improvement Act of 2010.

Click here for the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Improvement Act.

Qualification testing is conducted weekly at your convenience. The Connecticut P.O.S.T Standards Course of Fire for Pistols is used for Connecticut retired leo’s and those retired who reside in this state.

Upon successful completion, we issue you your annual LEOSA wallet-sized carry card which accompanies your retired agency identification card.

You may use your own firearm(s) or rent ours. You supply the ammunition (60 cartridges) for each type of firearm you wish to carry under this law (semi-automatic or revolver) and your firearm (s). The examination requires one successful qualification for each type of firearm. Fee includes headset, safety glasses, B60-CT targets. We will supply firearms and ammunition at additional expense.

$ 55.00 for 1 or $70. for 2 firearm types.

No outdoor range fee.

Indoor Range Qualification Fee:  $15 Range fee .

To schedule a firearms qualification test and call 203-947-4327 or email

HF LearnSafety Cancellation Policy: No refunds are available. If you are unable to attend a pre-registered class, you may reschedule by contacting us no later than three days prior to the class date. You may only reschedule once and must take the rescheduled class within a two-month period. Class registration is transferable to another person.